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We’re Australia’s largest sexual health clinic. With our online STI tests you can skip the trip to the doctor’s and get your results sent straight to you. If you have Medicare bulk-billing is available. You can also get your pathology rerferral immediately, to get tested today!

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Why get tested?

If you’re sexually active, you should keep on top of your sexual health by getting tested every time you have a new partner or at least three times a year, regardless of your relationship status. It’s rare, but these infections can spread in other ways.

At Stigma, we don’t shy away from our human drive to engage in sex. However, we’re also equally as passionate about you having fun and being safe. We know awkwardness, fear of judgement and the sweat of confessing your sex life to a stranger, can be barriers to getting the checkups you deserve.

Which is why, we cut out the consultations and provide you with STI & STD referrals, allowing you to make testing a regular part of your healthcare. It’s also cost effective, convenient and stress free.

At Stigma Health, we want you to make STI & STD testing a regular part of your healthcare, so we’ve made the process simple, cost effective, convenient and shame-free.